African Theory of Counter-Insurgency Securing Differently

Samuel S. Ndutumu

The African continent continues to suffer from weaknesses that could hamper its economic development and maintain instability and armed violence. Among these vulnerabilities, Islamist terrorism occupies a special place. Indeed, the multiplication of jihadist movements on the continent constitutes a real danger for the stability and security of Africa. Faced with this situation, the African Armies have the imperative obligation to acquire a doctrinal corpus of counter-insurgency specific to Africa. Contemporary counter-insurgency theories are dominated by Anglo-Saxon military thinking, which, itself is inspired by the theories of the British-born Robert Thompson and the French-born Lieutenant-Colonel David Galula. This book of the Navy Captain Ndutumu attempts to “Africanize” these counter-insurgency theories ; that is, their contextualization and adaptation to African civilization.

Navy Captain Samuel Sylvin Ndutumu is a Cameroonian navy officer with a diploma from the French Naval Academy of Brest, and another diploma from the French Marines School in Lorient, in France. He is a holder of a war college diploma and a diploma in political science from Jean-Moulin University of Lyon 3 (France), a specialist in international relations and international security. He teaches at the Research Center for Political and Strategic Studies known under its French acronym CREPS of the University of Yaounde II.

African Theory of Counter-Insurgency Securing Differently

Format : 14,5 x 20,5
Pages : 209
Parution : 2020
ISBN : 978 9956-0-9459-2

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